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NEW MILFORD The New Milford boys basketball team needed a win Friday night to stay alive in the SWC playoff race. Its opponent, , needed one to stay in contention for a state playoff berth. And in the end, a bit of fatigue and a lot of ultimately doomed the Falcons as New Milford blew open a close game in the fourth quarter and walked away with a 51 35 victory. Joel Barlow, which was one day removed from an upset victory over New "It's not easy in high school to play back to back games," said Barlow coach . "I think the kids' legs were tired at the end there. A couple of shots rolled in and out, and we had some second chances in the second half that we didn't convert, and that kind of hurt us." While Barlow was huffing and puffing as the game wore on, New Milford and Krafick in particular was just getting started. The senior guard scored 10 of his game high 19 points in the fourth quarter and assisted on a Rory Kennedy layup to help New Milford extend a four point lead into a 15 point victory. "I just felt comfortable with the ball in my hands at the end of the game," Krafick said. Krafick, a 79 percent foul shooter on the year, converted 5 of 7 free throw attempts down the stretch to de rail any chance of a Barlow comeback. Though he's most noted for his three point shooting (he's made 30 on the season), Krafick shot just 2 for 8 from behind the arc and did most of his fourth quarter damage in the paint. "He took the ball hard to the basket late in the game when we needed him to," said New Milford coach . Joel Barlow (5 15), which was led by 's 10 points, is officially eliminated from state and conference tournament contention. New Milford, on the other hand, sits at 12 6 overall and 6 6 in the conference with two games Immaculate and Kolbe Cathedral remaining on its schedule. The Green Wave are currently in a tie for 8th place in the conference with Notre Dame of Fairfield, which owns the head to head tiebreaker. Weston (7 5 SWC) holds the No. 7 seed, but it still faces Stratford and Kolbe, the top two teams in the conference. Should Weston lose both games and New Milford win one of its two, the Green Wave hold the tiebreaker and would qualify for the SWC Tournament. Blake Kramer 3 3 5 10; Adam Twersky 0 0 0 0; Jon Sonnenschein 3 1 2 7; Tom Auer 0 1 2 1; Nelson Diaz 2 0 0 4; Rory Geyer 0 3 4 3; Wyatt Tompkins 4 0 0 8; Jose Callado 0 0 0 0; Steve Michos 0 0 0 0; Tyler Colby 0 0 0 0. Totals: 11 8 14 35 Luke Stolz 0 0 0 0; John Krafick 6 5 7 19; Steven Cronin 3 3 6 9; Luke Martin 4 0 0 9; 2 3; Angel Vasquez 2 0 0 4; Derik Brady 1 0 0 2; Zach Coon 0 1 2 1; Clete LoRusso 0 0 0 0; Sean Tierney 1 0 0 3. Totals: 18 10 16 51. 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If you a boxer or a wrestler, then you will need the top range boxing shoe for yourself. The martial arts students also prefer the top range of boxing shoes. This shoe gives them more in the way of ankle support. The lace of these shoes is near the shins so that they are laced up properly. Those who need boxing shoes for working out need not buy such top range; they can work out from the low end boxing shoes. The boxing shoes are so important for boxer that just cannot do without it. It is the most important accessory for them. They give the right amount of traction and support to the feet and ankle. The shoes protect your feet and let you win the match. The shoes are made of different materials and the top of the shoe is made up of soft leather, suede and the sole is made up of rubber so that you dont slide or slip on the ring. The boxing shoes also offer wire mesh on all sides of the shoe so that your feet can breathe properly. Due to the wire mesh there is no much sweat and you dont feel that your feet are in lukewarm water. You should always try the shoes that you plan to buy. You should walk a few steps in the store and feel the comfort level. This way you will never regret buying shoes. Nike Free Run 3 Anthracite Gray Reflect Silver New Green Women,PARKLAND, Wash. When Marie Losee looked out the window of her home and saw a woman slamming her head against the house desperately trying to get someone's attention, Losee knew the woman was in trouble. "She was trying to scream at us," and get away from a man who was grabbing her, Losee said. "And I looked at the guy in the eyes and he saw us and he pushed her down and ran away. "I was the one that said 'dad, something's not right, get that girl.' And he went out and grabbed her and pulled her in and she had a ball gag around her (head) and some zip ties around (her hands)," she said. They got the woman inside and, after getting the gag out of her mouth, the first thing the woman said was, "I've been kidnapped." Police suspect the man who attacked the woman is 29 year old Staff Sgt. Nathaniel R. Smith, a Fort Lewis Stryker brigade soldier who's still on the run. According to court documents, the woman told investigators the man who attacked her met her at the Tacoma Mall and she agreed to go home with him. But once there, the man choked her until she blacked out. She told police that when she woke up, her hands were bound and the man put a gag in her mouth. She was able to fight the man off and run out of the house. The man was still chasing her when she began hitting the side of Losee's home in an attempt to get help. But as soon as Losee came to the window, the man ran off. Investigators said that incident on January 3 was the second attack in which Smith is suspected. In the first alleged attack, which occurred January 1, the victim told investigators she was on her way to a store when a man yelled at her, ran up behind her and choked her until she passed out. According to court documents, the woman woke up naked and tied up inside a house. As she struggled to free herself, she heard a man say, "If you fight, you'll die." Investigators said the man held a butcher knife up to her face and said, "If you cooperate, you'll go home." According to a statement of probable cause filed in Pierce County Superior Court, the man put a gag in the woman's mouth, sexually assaulted and raped her repeatedly, and shocked her by connecting electrified clamps to her body. The woman told police that the attacker told her "If you tell anybody, police or anyone, I will kill you, and your family. I can find you. I will find you," the documents said. As she was putting on clothes, the police report said, the man told her, "I have killed several people in Iraq; I'm crazy in the head and if I get caught by the police, I will come looking for you and kill you." The woman said she was blindfolded and driven around for 10 or 15 minutes before being dropped off. The woman was not able to get the vehicle's license plate number, but the victim in the second attack was able to point officers to the house where she was assaulted and from which she had just escaped. When police went into the house, they found a smoldering fire in an upstairs bedroom. Officers saw burned sex toys and scorched rope, a car battery and jumper cables at the foot of a bed, and a cattle prod, according to the police report. Investigators said Smith, who has extensive training in survival skills and martial arts, should be considered armed and dangerous. Smith is an Iraq War veteran who served as a cavalry scout with the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, and had been stationed at Fort Lewis since July 2006. He is being sought for investigation of two counts of kidnapping, four counts of rape, attempted rape, arson, felony harassment, and tampering with evidence. A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to Smith's arrest. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 253 591 5959.

Wholesale Nike Free Run 3 Anthracite Gray Reflect Silver New Green Women,Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt This segment is on long drives and I've said this before, the ball knows all and the only thing the ball knows is impact. How square are you hitting it? How fast is that club head moving? Are you slicing it? Are you hitting it straight? Are you hitting it draw? The ball knows all and the only thing the ball knows is impact. We've gone through a few swing thoughts, hitting down a wall with a sledge hammer, a swing speed machine, hitting the ball solidly. Those are all impact swing thoughts but I just want to reiterate that what you do with the ball it's all the ball knows. And all you care about is where the ball goes. The ball knows, ball goes, there's a bumper sticker there, I don't know what it is yet. But if you have a focus of the ball and if you want to hit that ball hard, after taking that power stance, that power back swing, that power down swing, boom, it's all at the moment of truth, right at the ball. And the only thing the ball knows is impact. Start with that power stance, use everything going back, use everything going down, but don't forget that is where you want everything to explode. Boom! With controlled abandon at the ball. The ball knows all, the only thing the ball knows, boom, impact. Nike Free Run 3 Anthracite Gray Reflect Silver New Green Women Timberlane pediatrician Elizabeth Hunt, 37, of Charlotte just returned from Haiti where she helped Saint Damien Children Hospital in Port Au Prince develop and implement a breastfeeding and lactation program. Photo taken at Great Harvest in Burlington on Jan. 25. (LYNN MONTY, Free Press) Timberlane pediatrician Elizabeth Hunt, 37, of Charlotte just returned from Haiti, where she helped St. Damien's Children's Hospital in Port Au Prince develop and implement a breastfeeding and lactation program. It was her first solo trip of this kind. Hunt who served in the Peace Corps after college said she has always liked being overseas. Her service travels have led her to places such as Ecuador, Panama and South Africa. "Service trips actually help you to step out of your everyday life and do something different," she said. "It's very refreshing. It makes you appreciate your life. I got that gift. It puts everything in perspective." Hunt is a graduate of the University of Vermont residency program, and a certified lactation consultant. "I have always had an interest and appreciation in volunteerism, but since I have been a mom, it's hard to leave and do things like that," she said. "I was psyched to be able to go. Haiti is still suffering, still in a deep depression, and I made a promise to them to come back." Hunt was in Haiti a year ago with an assessment team. The team of 12 was tasked with finding out what the needs were of the different institutions post earthquake, Hunt said. The team also provided some direct health care at a cholera clinic. While in Haiti last year, Hunt toured St. Damien's Children's Hospital. She was told the doctors and staff there were resistant to having more volunteers involved. "Since the earthquake hit, they had so many agencies and random volunteers coming and going," Hunt said. "It was very disruptive to have different people with different ideas in the same area at the same time. They didn't want any help from us at the time, until they found out I was a pediatrician." Upon request, Hunt met with the medical director of St. Damien's before she left. She promised to return to help develop a breastfeeding and lactation program. "Breastfeeding was not going as well as they would have liked," Hunt said. "So, we kept in touch for a year. They would ask questions and I served as a consultant for them through email." In January, Hunt purchased a plane ticket with her own money to visit the hospital in person. "The malnutrition burden seems bad, no better than last year when I was here," she wrote in an email shortly after her arrival. In the week Hunt was there, she helped the staff at the hospital implement practical ways to improve what they were already doing to decrease the number of malnourished babies. "I attended Mass led by Father Rick Frechette, founder of St. Damien," she wrote from Haiti. "Songs in Kreyol, Mass in French, two adults and five children draped in tapestries to cover the re used body bags laid in front of the altar. Gravity to start the day but also perspective. Death is a larger part of life for these folks. Gave me pause and purpose to start the day." Doctors at the hospital didn't have much information about the physiology of breastfeeding, Hunt said. She led them to resources like the World Health Organization's international recommendations for breastfeeding, and UNICEF guidelines for optimal breastfeeding in a developing countries. "When I went to Haiti they did not know any of these resources existed," Hunt said in an interview after she returned home. "The leadership was glad I came. The nurses I taught loved it. They applied it and asked lots of questions. They did not have a standardized breastfeeding education program, so they were thirsty for the knowledge." In one teaching session, Hunt talked to about 35 parents, with their babies, about nutrition. About half of the babies had severe malnutrition, she said. "At least three, if not more, of the babies that I saw today will certainly die. Too young," she wrote. "This I was not counting on. I was enjoying visiting with families, ooing and ahhing for babies. I now plan to enter data onto an excel spreadsheet to numb the brain and then go to bed." Ideally, St. Damien's Children's Hospital would like to start a breastfeeding and lactation program, elect a full time lactation consultant and provide counseling for mothers and babies. Hunt would serve as a mentor from afar, she said. "I would provide resources for that elected person and go back and do this same kind of observation every year," she said. "I would measure the same variables as I did on this trip to see if conditions have improved." Breastfeeding education in Haiti is centered around providing proper nourishment for mothers. "It's about helping people understand that feeding a breastfeeding mother feeds two members of the family," Hunt said. "It's about no more early weaning, or supplementing with soda or cream of wheat with cow's milk or goat's milk with salt. These things make babies sick, even though these supplements are cultural or traditional. with poor latch/nipple pain/tongue tie are minimal in Haiti, Hunt said. Haitians need to hear more about why breast milk is so important, and the dangers of adding other foods too early, which is associated with malnutrition. Her final post from her service trip read, "All in all the week was positive. The nurses I taught were so eager to learn; I am hopeful a real program will be started so they can keep it up. I think I had some original ideas for the leadership to think about. It was very meaningful to be in Haiti for the two year anniversary of the earthquake."

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